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Foreign executives get in charge of YING! What sparks ROCA & China local brand going to generate?

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Recently,YING appoints Mr.Javier Iglesias as the general manager who is the first foreign helmsman in the YING brand development history, which triggering a big public attention. While sanitary ware enterprises encounter an unprecedented complex environment : smart manufacturing, channel fission, talents competition, external force reversion. 

Why YING choose Javier Iglesias?

What sparks will foreign talents and Chinese brand rub-off? 

What kind of role will YING play in the brand competition?


Mr. Javier Iglesias, General Manager of YING

In 2008-2017, China's sanitary ware production maintained a high-speed and steady growth in those decade. However, in this "community entering the fast lane", the development pace of YING was rather cautious. Over time, some people even silently said in their hearts: "Will YING become a warm water frog, gradually falling apart in silence?"


Ms. Li Tianyan, Deputy General Manager of IBK , interviewed Mr. Javier Iglesias

Nevertheless, we are confused by those appearance. In recent years, YING has been hiding its capabilities and bide its time, especially on its product quality improvement. Until 2019, the "full blood resurrection" YING is finally "out of the mountain". It drastically ushered in a new round of changes: the ROCA group transfer Mr.Javier Iglesias to YING as the general manager who have been work in ROCA for many years, while the brand also put forward a series of strategies, releasing strong signal to the outside world.

“mixed-blood”DNA  distinctive YING

1、Let’s take a look at the YING brand DNA .

Founded in 1994,YING is rooted in Shiwan, a ceramic city,South of China.In Chinese, YING means eagle, which symbolizes the spirit of bravery and enthusiasm.As one of the oldest sanitary ware brands in China, YING was quite famous in China during 1990s, and even attracted the attention and favor of international giants. 


Mr. Qiu Zhechang, Marketing Director of YING

In August 2006, ROCA Group,founded in 1917,european century-old sanitary ware brand with 20,000 employees worldwide and 78 faCTOries, involving more than 170 business markets on five continents, established Xinle Bathroom Products(Foshan)Co., Ltd.and Wholly owned of YING. Since then, YING opened a brand-new chapter in corporate development with the support of ROCA’s strong supply chain system and production management system, as well as international operation mode. 

Today, ROCA and YING have already had a running-in period and usher in the rebirth of YING after it subordinated to ROCA Group for 13 years. It is not so much a local sanitary ware brand as it is a "hybrid" between China and foreign countries. This unique gene has created a different cultural identity for YING: it contains Chinese native elements and also blends with international tastes.

In recent years, products and brands homogenization have been quite serious and bathroom industry generally lacks distinctive brand gene. Therefor,  good-looking outlooks and interesting souls, as well as the distinctive charm, make unique YING more likely to be noticed.


YING  Ming Series Cabinet

2、Then reveal the "life experience" of Mr.Javier Iglesias.

Who is Mr.Javier Iglesias? Mr.Javier Iglesias, joined ROCA 17 years ago, has been work under ROCA system in many countries around the world and become an experienced expert in sanitary ware field with the international vision. He came to China five years ago to learn more about the Chinese sanitary ware market and became the general manager of YING in 2019.

Some people commented that Mr.Javier Iglesias is "rigorous but open-minded, experienced but  innovative, international thinking while understands the Chinese market."  The unique thinking pattern and high latitude of the helm, developing the Chinese market with an international resource system are fully reflected during his interview with the IBK. 

Acquaint the rules of the game, holding the "quality" ace

Quality are highly regarded by International talents, which is also reflect in Mr.Javier Iglesias who believes that "the insistence on quality is the changlessrule of YING."

Indeed, quality has always been a solid foundation for the steady development of YING, and it is also the bottom line for YING for more than 20 years. Mr.Javier Iglesias pointed that the more fierce of market competition, the more YING should adhere to the quality standards, which is the "rules of the game" in this quality era.


Mr. Javier Iglesias accepted the medal of "Top Ten Ceramic Bathroom Brands " issued by IBK

Since the establishment of the faCTOry, YING Sanitary has always adhered to the quality, has strict quality testing standards, , testing production with the highest standards. Meanwhile, It has own strong product development capabilities, technology development capabilities, and strong support of ROCA. YING has set up a production base in China with a strategic layout, establishing eight production bases and three major logistics centers, with modern and environmentally-friendly production equipment, precision testing equipment and strong technical strength , under which YING has continuously improved its independent research and development capabilities, and launched innovative products with innovative technology production models.

China's sanitary ware industry, which is in the midst of a transformation,encounter such pressures as the rising of production costs and the disappearance of demographic dividends. It has forced enterprises to change. Under the turmoil of the era of dramatic changes, YING spent millions of dollars on the automating production and the team successfully developed high-voltage continuous body forming equipment after Constant experient and attempts,  becoming the pioneer of domestic independent research and development system.  Automating production increases production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and greatly improves the stability of product quality.

From "retreat cultivation" to "prosperous bloom"

In the past few years, YING is more in a low-key way of "cultivation of internal strength", research and improve the products, then with the arrival of Mr.Javier Iglesias, who proposed a series of "brand actions", YING will embrace the future with a "blooming" attitude. 

The first is the young state mode of thinking. Mr.Javier Iglesias defines this era as ”young consumer groups become the main consumers”, and so from product to marketing, all will be reborn. On the product side, YING will take advantage of the original design to impress young people with fashion.


YING  Max Series Cabinet

On the marketing side, YING joins CCTV show "Secret Grand ReConstruction", which will invite the top Chinese designer to free provide the whole old house renovation for the ordinary but stand-out person, to create national-level brand exposure, manufacturing marketing hot topics. The reason to cooperate with "Secret Grand Reconstruction" program is based on the consideration of the value of YING: "This is not only a home decoration program, but it’s also a channel to convey the positive energy to society . It is exactly the same with YING which also pay great attention to public welfare spirit."

It is reported that YING has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, walking into mountain, caring for the old, building toilets for earthquake place with no charge. In the past five years, YING has quietly practiced corporate society responsibility.

In terms of brand output, YING is in the process of upgrading its brand and store image which will be re-upgraded to customize atmosphere for young consumer in order to enhance their purchasing experience. And through the tRaining of the first-line shopping guide, YING will strengthen its brand management.

Mr.Javier Iglesias pointed that "2019 will be the first year of YING outbreak". Indeed, 2019 YING will be "very different" based on Foshan's unique geographical advantage and the precipitation of YING for so many years. 

Intensive farming: How can the same fertilizer be applied to different crops?

If we compare marketing to the "air force" of corporate strategy, then the channel will be the "ground force" with real guns. The brand will become more powerful as the channels become stronger. An excellent sanitary ware brand will inevitably have a strong marketing channel, while YING will focus on the "intensive channel."

For a long time, YING has been active in the South China market and favored by the local people, on which YING will further expand the market share, especially in the central of China and East China.


Mr. Qiu Zhechang, Marketing Director of YING

 After working with the YING for seven years, Qiu Zhechang, Marketing Director of YING, witnessed and promoted the transformation of YING. He pointed out that China sanitary ware industry encounter such pressures as rising production costs, sharp diversion of channels, and the arrival of hardcover houses. Brands should position themselves accurately rather than blindly follow the crowd. In the future, China's retail market will be concentrated in cities such as the third, fourth and fifth tiers, which not only need e-commerce sales, but also need experience-based services.

 Another opportunity is that although the city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing have become saturated, the second-hand housing market has just opened its combat, which is undoubtedly the "second spring" of the retail market. Therefore, how traditional stores innovate on the store saling model is crucial to the development of the local market and to match the needs of consumers.

“Every dealer need their own growth. Brands should help dealers, fertilize them, and grow with them.” Brands are like cultivating multiple crops and use “different fertilizers for each crop”  because of regional characteristics varying widely, and so the dealers can healthy thrive. In the future, YING will assist dealers to formulate sales policies and strategies according to local market conditions. In addition, brands will continue to conduct market research, interpret lifestyles, develop new products to meet user needs, and achieve the win-win results for both sides.


YING  Tessin Series Cabinet

In addition, YING will increase investment in engineering channels and cater to the development of hardcover houses with the advent of the era of hardcover houses and engineering channels occupy an increasing market share. Beside, YING will actively explore diversified channels to match market demand. As for marketing, Qiu Zhechang has a clear position: "There is no fixed sales, but the core of marketing will not change."

Attack is the other way to defend, the YING take off.

All greatness comes from a brave beginning. YING has changed its low-key introversion when Mr.Javier Iglesias is in charge of attacking and defending for the brand which boosts the confidence for brands and dealers.

Qiu Zhechang said that Mr.Javier Iglesias is far-sighted and have more higher thinking dimension for the brand. The bridge between YING and ROCA has finally built up with his join to the YING . Mr.Javier Iglesias will pass the real voice from Chinese market to ROCA headquarters, even more, Mr.Javier Iglesias is a hard-working faction that respects the local culture and advocates solving market problems according to local conditions.


YING is still the 45-year-old sanitary ware brand with Chinese style and also international tastes; It prefer the technolgy and product quality rather than fancy packaging; It does not do slogan, but make great effort to help dealers "confront the market"; it is unique and full of virtue; it is not always fly, but once fly, everyone knows. From now on, YING has open its innovative wings to meet the consumer upgrading.

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